CeCERA Goes to the 2016 Preparedness Summit

Students and faculty from the Center for Computational Epidemiology and Response Analysis (CeCERA) attended the 2016 Preparedness Summit in Dallas to disseminate their research results to the approximately 1,800 federal, state, and local preparedness planners in attendance. At the summit, Dr. Armin R. Mikler (CSE Professor and CeCERA Director), Dr. Marty O’Neill (Research Associate Professor, Institute of Applied Science), and Dr. Susie Ramissety-Mikler (Research Associate Professor in CSE) organized and presented a 90 minute learning session entitled, "Identifying Patterns of Vulnerability: A Data-Driven Approach for Accommodating At-Risk Populations".

They were joined in the summit exhibition hall by Dr. Chetan Tiwari (Associate Professor, Geography), Dr. Barrett Bryant (CSE Chair), and CSE students Joshua Urbanovsky (Doctoral Candidate), Joseph Helsing (Doctoral Candidate), Sultanah Alshammari (Doctoral Candidate), Cree White (Ph.D. Student), Faris Hawamdeh (Ph.D. Student), Harsha Gwalani (Ph.D. Student), Tim de Reuse (M.S. Student), and Clayton Rowe (M.S. Student). At the CeCERA booth, hundreds of planners from across the country participated in guided tours of how the data-driven methods developed at CeCERA could enable them to build more efficient response plans to increase the resiliency of their regions.