Studying Diseases Under Diverse Population Structures and Contagion Scenarios

TitleStudying Diseases Under Diverse Population Structures and Contagion Scenarios
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsGomez-Lopez I, Loza O, Mikler AR
EditorGilbert T;
Conference NameProceedings of the European Conference on Complex Systems 2012
PublisherSpringer International Publishing, Switzerland
KeywordsDemographics, Dynamics, Epidemic, Geographics, population

Disease dynamics are strongly affected by the structure of the population. According to demographics and geographic characteristics, the population naturally segregates into clusters of people with similar characteristics. Specific distributions of the population create unique environments for disease progression. To understand diverse epidemic patterns, it is necessary to ascertain its dynamics in differentiated communities. Synthetic communities reconstruction with computer simulations are convenient to conduct epidemiological investigations under different scenarios. In this work, a synthetic population is constructed, considering demographic and geographic attributes, to identify different population structures. By clustering population, the path the epidemic follows during its progression can be ascertained. Consequently, assumptions for identifying clusters with specific demographics and geographics are to be made to identify risk groups. A methodology that hierarchisizes the population’s attributes is utilized to produce different assortments of individuals into groups. Therefore diversified synthetic scenarios are produced to facilitate the experimentation and observation of the disease dynamics.